My most recent essay was published by the Weekly Telegraph, part of the Daily Telegraph (UK), both in print and online in November 2015.

"I feared my children would never love England but I was wrong"  is a follow-up piece to one I wrote for the same paper in 1997. At that time my children were still at home, the oldest only 16, and with their American father I was raising them in the USA. I worried that they would never have any interest in the country that represents half their heritage. Now, eighteen years later, they are all adults, and it turns out that I was worrying unnecessarily.

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I have published essays, features, and other non-fiction pieces in many publications in the US and UK, including Baby Talk magazine, Islands magazine, Parabola, Christian Science Monitor, New York Newsday, Weekly Telegraph, Pocono Record, Mountainsides, and Poets' Paper. 

Parabola: where spiritual traditions meet is a magazine published by the Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition, and I am honoured to have had three essays in this beautifully-produced and inspiring publication: 
A Livable City,  November 1993; Treasure Hidden in a Field, November 1994; and Peace, Wild Wooddove, August 1996.

For a year and a half I wrote a monthly column, "Ramblings," for Dignity (now titled Sage), supplement to the Pocono Record, a regional newspaper in Pennsylvania. These pieces were about what could be seen within half an hour's walk of my front door and touched on local history, architecture, language, plants, slate roofs, stone pavements, and in fact anything that caught my fancy as a likely subject. They were closely researched but written with a light touch and were popular with readers. 

For the Record itself I have provided articles on the arts, as well as film reviews and pieces on local history. I also wrote  an occasional column about family life which shed an amusing light on dilemmas such as what happened when children and spouse pleaded for a dog, or why it was necessary to tidy up before the cleaning lady arrived.

Mountainsides, another regional publication, published several of my in-depth feature articles, including profiles of area artists, writers, and craftspeople.