How I fear forgetting, forgetting seasons,
                         beech-mast, leaf-fall, years of the slow infusions, 
                         soft uncertain rain, imprecise grey-green, and
                                       hazel and umber. 

                        (from "September Afternoon in the Schoolyard" in Sudden Arabesque, Oversteps Books)


(Cotswold landscape photo by Dan Papa)


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Some of the themes in my poetry, essays, and books are:  

place; home; landscape; memory; manuscripts; the shape of the book; the past…..




MONDAY 15TH MAY:  At the Cheltenham Poetry Festival 2017 I'm honoured to be reading alongside acclaimed poet Geraldine Monk on Monday May 15th at 7 pm. This will be the UK launch of Sudden Arabesque.  Click HERE  for details.


My poetry collection Sudden Arabesque is out from Oversteps Books.

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Inscription is now available as an ebook for Kindle!


Inscription was named as one of the twelve semi-finalists for the Virginia Commonwealth University First Novelist Award.  There were more than 150 entries for this award.


My novelInscription,  is available in bookshops or online, in paperback and Kindle formats.      

The book is published by Sowilo Press, an imprint of Hidden River Arts, the organization that awarded Inscription the 2013 Eludia Prize.  

Inscription is set in first-century Britain and Rome, and also in the late twentieth century. This is a story told in the interwoven voices of two women, writing two thousand years apart.

"Clean, lean, superb prose; the quality of research; thoughtfulness; the subtle interweaving of the stories of two women divided by two millennia but drawn together by circumstance.  It's not difficult to praise many components of this unusual and deeply moving historical novel, but what is less obvious, and in the end more profound, is Christine Whittemore's conspicuous achievement in writing a novel about both the consolation of fiction and of writing fiction."

Kevin Crossley-Holland, poet and author of The Seeing Stone and The Hidden Roads: a Memoir of Childhood.


Reviewers have said:   "A great read...a very promising first novel;"  

"...excellently researched....a delightful and poignant tale...."

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Ask for Inscription at your local bookshop!  Any US or UK bookshop can order it.

In the USA, you can find it in stock at Carroll & Carroll Books in Stroudsburg, PA.                                         In the UK, it's currently in stock at: The Suffolk Anthology,  17 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham; Cheltenham Rare Books, Imperial Square, Cheltenham.

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Inscription, a novel
By Christine Whittemore



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"Look after this book when I am gone, Lucilius. Keep it well gathered and tied. Sew up the stitching, should it loosen. Bind all the pages together. When you hold this book, you are holding something of Tilla and of me."

                                                                                                                                            from Inscription.