Lost, found, and moved!

Well, well. The last post was a year after the previous one. This post is more than a year after the last one. This does not look good at all!

I neglected to post for so long that when I tried to find this old blog, I couldn't; it seemed to have been lost or deleted or evaporated into the ether. So I just assumed it was no more…

Now I have found it and so I can officially announce the transition, just for the sake of that important if hackneyed concept "closure,"  and on the off chance that anyone is still out there.

For I have not been totally idle all this time.

I have set up a website which can be found here:


and there is a blog page on that site where I have posted the odd musing and wofflement:


It makes more sense for it to all be in one place, so I will henceforth be posting from there only.

I am not sure (sorry, still learning!) if there's a mechanism there for you to automatically be notified when a new post appears. But each time I post, I will mention it on my public facebook page:


(called in full Christine Whittemore Inscription and Such)  and also on twitter.

On the website blog, I am currently writing a lot about the imminent appearance of my novel, Inscription, because that is the exciting thing that is happening now.

But I intend (ha! road to hell, etc) to post pieces about various bookish and word-related and poetic things, about reading and writing and so forth.

So, see you there!  And thank you if you have been reading, and even more if you continue to do so….